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Why you’ve ended up
buying into lifestyles rather than living your life?
Why you’ve ended up buying into lifestyles rather than living your live?
SUPERSEDIA – by Markus Töll Collaboration: Michael Simic – Visual Identity + Logotype
Cards & words for Lena Kris Custom Lettering / identity / website – 2018 Photography: @MariaRitsch / Model: @tonilang
Wetli Design/Packaging/Wine range
REDIVIDER Sommer Closing Outdoor Rave – Poster/Landingpage/Motion
POOLBAR FESTIVAL 2023 (Group Work: Christine Fischler, Lalita Akramova, Laura Reither, Leonie Kaltenegger, Manuela Sevignani, Margherita Wirnsperger, Paul Jürgens) – Visual Identity
Gohm Hiessberger Website Corporate Design/Custom Typography
Dream DRiveR EP Private Lane REcords For Elias Manser/Virgilio Viviani – Dream DrIveR EP Vinyl Record
VIS A VIS Immobilien Logo + Corporate Design
Fasswald Grotesk Custom Typeface (For: Georg Fasswald/Oliver Modosch)  
VIENNA WORLDWIDE Merchandise – (Photo: Phillip Bohar / Model: Martina Lang / Location: Praterstrasse)  
CLEMENS JOSCHIKA – WasserWasser Exhibition Poster Indoor
WALSER WERLE Architekten ZT Redesign + Website (2015)
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